Hotel LOVĆEN Sutomore, Montenegro


Into the Spič, a region which today includes Sutomore and Čanj, the first settlers arrived in the sixteenth century. From the eighteenth century in Spič there are two large vineyard on Spičansko Polje and in Brce. These were the largest vineyards on the coast. Town Sutomore was created in 1882 when the first houses were built on the coast. Above Sutomore is a fortress Haj-Nehaj built during the Venetian Republic. Of the many monuments of the past, most attractive are the Church Sv.Tekle with Orthodox and Catholic altars and the ramparts of the Benedictine monastery.

Sutomore, one of the most beautiful towns on the Montenegrin coast, is the most famous resort on the Bar Riviera. It was created from a fishing settlement next to the kilometer-long beach of fine sand and two smaller, very nice beaches. It is located a few kilometers north of Bar, along the Adriatic highway and railway.

Today it has many hotels, restaurants, cafes, clubs, discos, as well as vacation settlements in the hinterland. In order for a family vacation, Sutomore is very attractive for young people and adults looking for a good time. In the hinterland of Sutomore hills are covered with conifer trees and Mediterranean plants. The mountain ranges in the background, wide sandy beaches and the open sea create a climate that visitors can only wish for, and here the season lasts from May to October.

In early August Sutomore achieved more than 10,000 overnight stays per day. This big number of visitors attracted young people. On the promenade is a large number of bars with live music. Cafes are located on terraces that are along the beach. Balconies are  protected from sea waves by the stone wall.


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